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Patients struggle to share their experience with HCPs

During medical appointments, patients often struggle to precisely describe their experience and outcomes between appointments to their healthcare professionals (HCPs). This leads to patients feeling less empowerment and engagement in their treatment, and HCPs being faced with limited available data for their decision making. In this context, the Global Digital Health team of a leading pharmaceutical company reached out to us to discuss how to build a scalable ePRO
platform offering a premium patient experience. The goal: enabling patients’ use of ePROs in an easy and accessible way to enable them to track their symptoms and outcomes longitudinally for significantly improved patient-HCP interactions.

A user-centric approach

Our approach was focused on leveraging existing ePROs that are already scientifically validated and available in many countries and languages. The focus was to transform these ePROs into an engaging tool to create longitudinal records for patients, focusing on a few key areas: a very smooth flow of the questionnaires, accessibility from any device, easy onboarding into the account, and structured and impactful reports which can easily be shared
with HCPs. The reports shall then become a core part of patients’ preparation of their discussion with their HCP about the progression of their condition.
Once an account is generated, patients are encouraged to complete the questionnaire regularly through personalized reminders. They have access to a personalized dashboard to see their data, and consume personalized content to help them manage their disease.

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Helping patients be more empowered and engaged in their treatment is a core priority for us. From the beginning we knew that a key requirement would be to build something that is truly patient centric in design and functionality. That is why we chose Observia, with their extensive experience in patient centricity and understanding the behaviors of patients. In our joint development work, Observia has shown their thought leadership and expertise, both on a technical and a design level and were a key reason for making this one of the fastest developed and scaled solutions in the company.
Director Digital Health Solutions


visits the first 3-months post launch
questionnaires completed the first 3-months post launch
patient accounts created the first 3-months post launch
countries launched simultaneously the first 3-months post launch
languages available the first 3-months post launch


As maximizing patients’ use was a key objective, UX was carefully designed to create an intuitive experience. The flow is broken down into multiple steps, i.e., digestible pieces for the user. At the end of the flow, reports provide a visual summary of the user’s entered data in a simple and consumable way.



Now live in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and in the UK, this platform allows patients suffering from multiple sclerosis to track symptoms easily and have a better and more empowered conversation with their HCP. With higher numbers of active users than what was expected, the first months of existence of the platform clearly show that it answers an unmet need. Thanks to a fruitful and successful collaboration between our teams, the common goal is now to bring this scalable platform to more countries and therapeutic areas. This is made possible by interoperable features, easy to implement into local digital environments, while having a common platform across affiliates.
Finally, new features are being developed to enhance patient engagement, such as the integration of our SPUR™ behavioral diagnostic tool and smart reminders.


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