SPUR™ provides the keys to better understanding and engaging the patient!

If two people are different, why would two patients be the same?


What is SPUR™?

As far back as we can remember, we have been dreaming of building engagement solutions adaptable to everyone. Now, thanks to our dynamic and predictive behavioral diagnostic tool, we can do just that. Since no such tool existed on the market, we started building SPUR™ in 2017.

SPUR™ stands for “Social, Psychological, Usage, and Rational”, the four over-arching dimensions categorizing the drivers of patients’ decision-making process. 

SPUR™ is a dynamic and predictive diagnostic tool that integrates decades of proven behavioral science into a validated digital solution for detecting a patient’s risk of non-adherence and the drivers of their health behavior.

Validated through a 4-year international research protocol, the tool has been proven to be efficient in different cultural areas and multiple pathologies. 

For the first time, a digital native tool sheds light on the complexity of health behavior, allowing us to get to know each patient better, to engage them more fully in their healthcare journey

To discover more about our research and publications, visit our Lab’O corner.

SPUR 4 categories

The SPUR™ experience

SPUR™ takes the form of a dynamic questionnaire but it’s actually much more than that. To make sure patients get the most out of it and enjoy it, we use innovative techniques to interact and engage with them:

  • As Nir Eyal explains in his book Hooked, we all seek rewards that make us feel accepted, attractive, important, and included. We figured that, after asking patients questions, we should give them something in return. So we give them immediate written feedback based on their answers to the questionnaire.
  • Healthcare professionals also receive information instantly, on their patient’s profile, how to talk to that patient, and how to go about encouraging positive behaviors on their part.
  • Thanks to the digital format, the length of the experience is adaptable from 6 to 24 questions, depending on initial answers. Moreover, you can choose in which digital format to receive the information—via web, mobile, or V2P (virtual to person).
  • Our approach is designed to be minimally intrusive, promote empathy, and offer a seamless and pleasant experience to users.


Chronically ill patients all over the world can benefit from the SPUR™ diagnostic tool. So can any healthcare professional looking to get a better handle on their patients’ behavioral drivers and adapt their management and interactions accordingly. All that the patients need is an Internet connection and five minutes! Once the process is completed, the tool provides different outputs to different end-users. In other words, a patient won’t get the same feedback or info as a nurse or a doctor.


SPUR™, the next-gen behavioral diagnostic tool


The outputs at a glance:

SPUR™ generates three outputs:
- The holistic behavioral patient profile: an easy-to-read visual representation of the dimensions that most influence a patient
- The risk of non-adherence: a reliable estimate of patient’s riskfollowing their treatments and health recommendations properly
- Actionable tips for HCPs and questionnaire’s results for patients

SPUR schema

Why use SPUR™?

Well, for a ton of reasons!

Use if because patients like it. We built SPUR™ to offer them a user-friendly experience, dynamic and customized interactions and personalized support services.

Use it because it’s robust. From a scientific perspective, the SPUR™ tool has been validated in an international protocol context, proving that it’s predictive of non-adherence.

Use it because healthcare professionals need it. Healthcare providers are looking to better understand their patients to achieve their therapeutic objectives. They need a holistic behavioral perspective to help them tailor their interactions and health interventions with each patient.

Use it because it’s super easy to implement.
Digital-native, SPUR™ can be integrated into existing digital solutions through an API we developed and designed.

Want to know more? Try our SPUR™ demo.


How is SPUR™ applied? 

Our tool has two distinct applications:

1 - Measuring the non-adherence risk or evaluate the behavioral profile of a patients' population

  • Clinical adherence assessments: In phase three clinical studies, patient drop-off is considered one of the most challenging issues researchers and practitioners must tackle. Literature reviews suggest that, on average, 30% of participating patients drop off before the end of a study. Now, SPUR™ ™ can precisely assess each patient’s health behavior profile to establish a meaningful basis for personalized interventions to ensure patients stay engaged in your protocol.
    We’re determined to make SPUR™ the standard in the industry for understanding patient behavior and assessing non-adherence. Validated in an international research protocol, SPUR™ is freely accessible to public researchers.
    You’re a clinical researcher ? Visit our dedicated SPUR™ research website. 

  • Patient anthropological studies: Observia assists you in conducting patient research with SPUR™, a unique, dynamic tool that helps you gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind patient attitudes and health behaviors in ways not possible before. For example, you will have new insight into:
    - How does a patient’s condition impact their personal and professional lives?
    - Does a patient receive enough support?
    - What is a patient’s level of confidence in medicine?
    - What are a patient’s unmet needs and critical moments of truth?

2 - Having a behavioral diagnostic tool to set the basis of a personalized intervention

  • Integrating SPUR™ into a digital patient solution: SPUR™ can be integrated into existing digital solutions to enhance the understanding of health behaviors, risks, and patient traits for those suffering from one or more illnesses. Leveraging the latest standards and best practices, we developed an API that can easily be integrated into any interface. The therapeutic area is the only necessary input for us to customize SPUR™ for your use.
    SPUR™ is a building block for any digital solution that claims to be personalized. 

  • Better engage with patients during medical consultations: With time being of the essence, physicians need quick ways to understand patients to best treat them—this can only be achieved through digital for asynchrony and data integration optimization. On the one hand, patients have a wide range of options to respond to the SPUR™ questionnaire: while in the waiting room on a tablet, at home on their smartphone, through a desktop computer web browser before the consultation, or even with a nurse’s direct guidance, either in-person or remotely. On the other hand, physicians get actionable feedback with the SPUR raw data in their system that enables a personalized conversation and customized care that will optimize treatment adherence. It is a win-win for healthcare practitioners and for patients.

To build omnichannel and engaging solutions


To understand the individual behind the patient


To provide each patient with a personalized engagement plan


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