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Peritoneal Dialysis Patient Behavior Study in China

Understanding patients’ daily experience and journey with dialysis

Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) need to cope with demanding treatments and complex intrusive medical devices necessary for the administration of in-home peritoneal dialysis (PD). Baxter China develops a range of therapeutic treatments for these patients but also offers support services to improve their experience with their disease. In order to continuously reinforce the value proposition for patients and to increase their satisfaction and brand loyalty, Baxter China was interested to commission an in-depth patient study. The objective of the study was to better understand patient experiences, their attitudes towards their condition, and their satisfaction with their treatment.

Integrate the behavioral sciences in market research techniques

To answer this challenge, Observia proposed leveraging its proprietary market research methodology, which integrates the use of behavioral science techniques and a holistic approach to the patient journey. It focuses on identifying key moments of truth across three different domains: the patient’s clinical, emotional, and behavioral journeys. We also included Observia’s SPUR profiling methodology and the “Peak-End Rule*” to gain an understanding of the key moments in the formation of patient attitudes and how different types of patients deal with these moments.

To obtain PD patient insights, we used a 3-step methodology:

  • General questionnaire about the patient & their disease
  • SPUR™ questionnaire to capture behavioral drivers
  • In-depth patient discussions to capture life experiences and emotions

*Kahneman, Daniel et al “When More Pain Is Preferred to Less: Adding a Better End.” Psychological Science 4, no. 6 (1993): 401–405.


It was a pleasure to pave the way forward in the Chinese market with this first behaviorally-driven project. Conducting a market research study is always a challenging exercise and much can be learnt from patients’ stories and testimonials. With an increasing number of Chinese patient projects and studies to come out, we sincerely trust that Observia China will embed its unique value in the local market and help support Chinese patients and healthcare professionals with maximum effect.
Hong Hua
General Manager, at Observia China


patients participated in the study
HCPs participated in the study
Number of years patients have been on PD on average
of patients were working during the study
of patients live in Tier 1 Chinese cities


Patient responses were analyzed against Observia’s SPUR framework, which is built upon decades of research in health psychology and cognitive sciences. This approach was important for obtaining insights on patient behavior

patient profile



Each patient study participant shared his or her unique and personal story. Observia successfully identified the main drivers of patient attitudes and experiences with their condition. These outputs are valuable for Baxter China to prioritize and enhance the future of their support solutions and services portfolio, including a way to customize them, increasing their relevance to and impact on each individual patient.


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