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Patient Initiative interactive toolkit

Problem : innovating in patient initiatives through behavioral sciences

Our client is a key decision maker in the global Patient Centricity team of a major pharmaceutical company (top-10). For many years, the company has been developing initiatives for patients and their caregivers. In recent years, several patient support programs have been launched by its teams worldwide: North America, Europe, and into the rest of the world. One of our client’s roles within the organization is to inject innovation into these initiatives. Observia and its client have commonly identified the theme of «behavioural science» as a major area of innovation for the company’s existing and future patient initiatives.

Solution : a concrete tool focused on improving patient initiative performance

A common observation emerged from discussions: how to operationalize certain concepts, often too theoretical, derived from the behavioural sciences? We decided to build a tool that would enable our client to concretely use these concepts to improve the impact and performance of its initiatives and patient experience. Through an interactive tool available on our client’s intranet, each user has access to detailed explanations, practical examples, and recommendations. The toolkit was structured with the client’s global teams and then distributed within each local affi liate, down to each subsidiary involved in delivering patient programs. In total, more than 2000 employees have been trained in the toolkit’s use.The toolkit contains the following elements:

  • Concepts from applied behavioral sciences
  • Initiatives where they have already shown to have an impact
  • Strategic and operational advice on implementation


The main challenge of this project was to make behavioral sciences accessible to all and to develop a toolkit that can be used on daily basis to support the development of impactful patient initiatives. The bet has been successful and we have received many accolades from end users.
Guillaume Hubert
Managign Director EMEA at Observia


Selection of behavioral science principles to remember
Categorization via Observia's analysis framework
Formalization of strategic and operational recommendations
Structuring of the interactive toolbox
Dissemination of the tool and training the teams




With this comprehensive and easy-to-use interactive tool, local and global teams are sensitized to behavioral science and motivated to integrate it into their projects. In addition, this project has strengthened the positioning of the «patient centricity» team within the organization.

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