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Observia digital patient service designer

Problem : How to structure a strategic vision for your patient initiatives?

In the healthcare industry, the shift towards patient-centricity and beyond-the-pill services is now well-established. There is a clear need for patient support, particularly between consultations when patients lack guidance about disease management.

Beyond-the-pill solutions can improve patient adherence, stay-time on medication, and have a positive impact on patient health outcomes. They can also support healthcare provider efforts to prescribe treatment and serve to differentiate a product or brand from the competition.That being said, what is the best way to structure a clear strategic vision? How can you ensure your future patient services will be carefully designed and follow best market practices?

Solution : A digital companion to support you in the design of your patient services

Our digital patient service designer has been created to support and guide the actors of the healthcare industry in the construction of their patient strategy and associated services.

It’s a digital solution strategy builder that uses Observia’s patient engagement and support expertise to assist you in your design process. The tool guides you through a structured framework and helps you define both broad strategic goals and individual solution components. It can be used by local and global teams, and can play the role of a facilitator to share opinions on patient strategies, acting as a solution corporate planning tool. Of course, it can be customized to fit with your culture, your vocabulary, and your way of working.

The highlights of the product:

  • A step-by-step navigation according to best practices
  • A smart recommendation algorithm that optimizes your design
  • A user-friendly patient journey builder
  • An export function to go offline and share with your teams


This tool serves a critical need: to adopt patient-centric strategies and design patient services in a methodical and structured way. Developing a digital design guidance tool brings extra value to our clients by helping them ask the right questions, collect insights from local affiliates, and clarify every aspect of a successful patient solution strategy during the design phase.

A must-have!


Sylvain Bonnet
Managing Director EMEA at Observia


Objective & scope
Patient personalization & insights
Content & Channels
KPIs & Action plan


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This brand-new digital patient solution strategic builder has been released in 2019 and is now ready to be integrated into our clients’ processes. It can be used to provide high-level guidance or it can be customized to fit a client’s environment. It will soon have new functionalities, and be completed with additional content. Get in touch with us to learn more and discuss how you can make the most of this very special tool.


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