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Improving diabetes patient outcomes in Indonesia

Helping patients managing their insulin treatment

Diabetes affects half a billion people around the globe. Its treatment greatly impacts the patient’s everyday life: patients must measure their glucose rates, self-administer insulin injections, adjust their lifestyles, and more. Indonesians face specific issues linked to the cultural characteristics of the country. Glucometers and needles are not always reimbursed, leading to low levels of use and increased risk of health-related issues.
The local diet consists mainly of rice-based meals particularly rich in sugar. In addition, preconceived ideas about insulin usage are common among the
Indonesian population.
In this context, our client, a global pharmaceutical leader in diabetes, needed to build an educational program for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes and treated with insulin that integrated the cultural specificities of the Indonesian population.

A hybrid personalized coaching program

In collaboration with the client, the Observia team co-created an integrated digital solution with a local call center to support diabetes patients under insulin treatments. We developed a highly personalized digital Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform, powered by SPUR™, Observia’s behavioral diagnostic tool. This platform offers a digital coordination tool for nurses and integrates motivational scripts. Through personalized calls and short messages, each patient is supported individually and given access to quality content addressing any questions and fears about their treatment protocol. The platform also educates them on how to effectively initiate their insulin treatment.

  • 4 months total
  • 4 personalized calls from a nurse
  • 3 to 7 personalized texts a week depending on the patient

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“The existence of this patient support program can help improving the quality of life of patients with diabetes. We, as partners and educators, can support the monitoring of their diabetes and also give them knowledge about how to deal with diabetes. In the end, patients who are sharing the improvement in their way of life and how they can manage their diabetes is always giving us encouragement tocontinue this project”.
Martinus Franciscus
Head of the call-center


hospitals throughout all Indonesia
registered patients since 2018
43 398
total calls since 2018
minutes on average for a nurse-call
new patients enrolled on average each month since January 2022


Blood glucose levels are the main indicator of stabilization. Levels above 200 mg / L indicate the diabetes is not controlled and thus may negatively impact the patient’s life.
At the end of the program, the number of patients with uncontrolled diabetes is divided by 2.



+ 28 points of adherence

At the end of the program, 88% of patients adhered to their treatment, compared to 60% of the average population (local market research).

94,2% high satisfaction

The share of patients rating the program between 7 out of 10 or higher. 



By considering the individual issues of patients, the cultural specificities of the country, and the needs of the healthcare professionals, Observia easily succeeded in implementing a digital solution in a local call center in Indonesia. The platform, powered by the SPUR™ behavioral diagnostic tool, supports nurses’ ability to follow their patients individually. Patients have access to a fully personalized hybrid coaching program that addresses their individual concerns.
The program has proven to be effective, and our client has now conducted it for the fourth year in a row. Observia’s goal is now to maintain the quality of this program while facilitating the participation of new hospitals and patients.


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