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HéMaVie, a solution for patients suffering from multiple myeloma

Problem : improve the daily lives of patients

Multiple myeloma is a rare cancer of the bone marrow. Each year, about 5000 new cases of myeloma are detected in France. The average patient is 72-years old when diagnosed. The disease, along with its heavy treatments (chemotherapies, targeted therapies, autografts) lead to significant changes in everyday life: impact on social and family life, loss of autonomy; and impact on the quality of life (pain, anxiety, side effects). It is essential to support each patient in a reinforced and personalized manner, and to provide them with accurate and reliable information on the disease, its cause, and its progression.

Solution : a human and personalized engagement and support solution

The AF3M* and Bristol Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical company, joined forces along a common objective: to contribute to the improvement of the multiple myeloma care pathway, and the patient experience. They called on Observia’s expertise to develop an innovative and personalized support solution called HéMaVie. HéMaVie aims to improve the lives of patients and to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals, patients, relatives, and caregivers. Via a multi-device, digital platform and a nurse coordinator, many services and tools are available night and day. HéMaVie is among the first ever human and concrete program, strongly integrated into the patient journey. Below are some examples of available services:

  • Personalized coaching & nurse call support
  • Social network and regional event directory
  • Customized tool box & information guides

* French Association supporting patients with Multiple Myeloma


The announcement: trauma, shock wave, tsunami that surges everywhere and crushes everything. The course of care: long, sometimes complicated treatment regimen, with results that remain uncertain for ages. Confrontation with the possibility of treatment failure and its consequence, my death. Daily leap into the unknown. Huge sense of isolation for everyone, both patients and loved ones, in the face of a life-threatening illness. Very difficult journey for all concerned. Those who have lived through it, can best testify. Comforting landmarks, attentive and appropriate support are often precious. HéMaVie is designed to contribute to that support.
Michel Menvielle
Multiple myeloma patient and member of the AF3M patient organization


Program codesign with HCPs, patients and relatives
Technical development & nurse recruitment
Pilot phase deployed in several regional centers
National deployment
Broadening ambitions (extended to other countries and therapeutic areas)




Thanks to a collaborative approach integrating all key stakeholders (carers, patients, nursing staff...),

HéMaVie was designed to be a comprehensive engagement and support tool. Due to Observia’s unwavering committment to customization,  each patient benefits from a tailor-made program, set according to his or her preferences. Already considered a noteworthy patient initiative in France, the HéMaVie platform aims to scale up to include other disease areas within hematology and to expand to different countries. Long live HéMaVie!

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