Scaling up patient behavioral change - Sheri Pruitt

Small Talk Big Issues is Observia's mini web-series of interviews about the healthcare (r)evolution. 

Who is Sheri Pruitt?

Dr. Pruitt is an expert and a pioneer in behavioral sciences and their application to digital health interventions. Previously, she worked as a scientist for the World Health Organization. She is now focused on helping healthcare organizations meet their goals by positively influencing patient behavior.

#1 Entering the business of behavioral change

According to Dr. Pruitt, the crucial step is to recognize that we are developing a behavioral change solution first and foremost. Next, we can consider the chronic disease or condition we want to focus on.
Easier said than done, don’t you think?

What should be the focus when designing a digital patient engagement program?

#2 Tracking what? 

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) in all aspects of our life is generating a lot of data. Health and wellness industries are no exception.

Personalized recommendations, in addition to data monitoring, are essential to engage with patients. This is where well-designed digital health intervention change can make a difference.

Is biometric tracking sufficient to make us change our behavior? 

#3 Changing behaviors: 3 pitfalls to avoid

With over 20 years of experience, Dr Sheri Pruitt has a lot to say on how to drive patient behavioral change via the design of efficient digital health programs.
And she has 3 tips to share with us:
- Focus on behavioral change
- Pick one scientific model only and stick to it
- Hire a behavioral scientifist from the start of the project

What shouldn’t be done in terms of digital health interventions? 

Listen to Sheri Pruitt's full interview on our Youtube Channel. 


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