Behavioral diagnostics, a lever for patient support improvement - Jeanne Kehren

Small Talk Big Issues is Observia's mini web-series of interviews about the healthcare (r)evolution. 

Who is Jeanne Kehren ? 

Jeanne Kehren graduated from the Maisons-Alfort Veterinary School and holds a master’s in virology from the Pasteur Institute and a PhD in immunology from the Paris 7 University. She started her career at Novartis, where she worked at different R&D positions and drove the integration of innovative technologies. She joined Sanofi in 2009 as Project Director and held successive positions in Product and Global Strategic Development, most recently as lead of the Early Assets group for Diabetes & Cardiovascular and Primary Care, working on thereshaping of the portfolio and the development of new businesses.
Jeanne joined Bayer in July 2019 as Senior Vice President of Digital & Commercial Innovation and Member of the Pharmaceuticals Executive Committee. Additionally, she was appointed Chief Information Officer in February 2021.

#1 Behavioral diagnosis: aligning treatment with everyday life

Digital health can help pharma improve patient’s conditions, but how?
By driving patient behavioral changes about their treatment to integrate it to their daily life.

How could behavioral changes be integrated in the patients day-to-day life? 

#2 Pharma and hospitals; improving patient support together

Why is it crucial today for pharma companies to cooperate more with the healthcare systems and invest in patient support innovations?
The pharma industry has interest in patient innovation that will improve the healthcare system as well but how can they work more together?

What are the risks if pharma companies don’t take this turn of cooperation? 

#3 Every patient has a story....

Dedicating a career to patient support: what is the reason of this choice?
For Observia every patient is unique and for Jeanne “every patient has a story”.

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