Understanding patients' health decisions: 13 behavioral drivers - Brochure

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Human behavior is predictable, unpredictable, rational, and irrational. 

In the medical field, this complexity leads to 50% of chronic patients having difficulties following their treatments (WHO). 

How can we understand and then find solutions to these complex and unique cases of non-adherence? 


Building on many years of research in understanding patient behavior, Observia, supported by a board of experts, has developed SPUR™. 

SPUR™ aggregates decades of proven behavioral science into a validated digital solution and begins to shed light on the complexity of chronic patients' health behaviors. 
Validated by an international research protocol, SPUR™ accurately detects a patient's risk of non-adherence and structurs the drivers of their health behavioral levers in 4 over-aching dimensions:

  • Social
  • Psychological
  • Usage
  • Rational

Discover the 13 behavioral drivers measured by SPUR™ that affect a chronic patient's health behavior and impact their treatment adherence. 

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